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The objective for our portfolio products, and the products we will develop in the future, is to ensure we no longer need to choose between sustainability and design.
We work every day to align aesthetics and sustainability in our self-adhesive solutions. This is why we study and try to anticipate market trends. And we believe our greatest asset is the strong integration with our paper mills, and the synergy with biodegradable, compostable, recyclable materials.

Inside our environmental impact: our life cycle

In order to improve, first we have to understand the real environmental impact of our self-adhesive products. This is why we have decided to start from a Life Cycle Analysis, which means analyzing what actually happens from the selection of the materials throughout the production cycle, use and final decline of a product, to understand its specific impact in terms of CO2 emissions (what our Environmental Product Declaration is).
By the end of 2021 all our clients will have access to the carbon footprint analysis for all the products in our portfolio.

Our vision for the future

To offer between 35% to 70% advanced sustainable self-adhesive materials in our product portfolio by 2030

Our aim is to further update our offer by adding advanced ESG products (recycled, upcycled, wash-off, linerless and compostable constructions).
To achieve this aim we are working, wherever possible, on eliminating or reducing materials that are difficult to recycle, whilst increasing the use of recyclable and compostable packaging, and favoring materials that are made with recycled or alternative content.

As much recycled material as possible

Developing packaging made of recycled material, aiming for 100% recycled packaging. All the way to compostables.

Reducing thickness

Developing thinner solutions delivers a positive impact: thinner self-adhesive constructions require fewer raw materials and less energy during manufacture. For label rolls it means more labels on every roll.

(Always) innovating labels

We work tirelessly to make designs using recycled materials. We also experiment pairing them with higher efficiency wash-off adhesives, and recycled PET liners.

Thinking about new raw materials

We have the widest range of FSC products and product alternatives to paper (cotton, bagasse, grass). We are working on using films made with high recycled content and non-fossil derived materials.

Our sustainable products

Core linerless solutions®

This is our cutting-edge technology, which reduces the waste matrix by 90%. Also available in a wash-off version for glass bottles.

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The RI-MOVE range of products are made of paper and film and designed for a clean removal of the label from the surface, both for PET and glass.

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Thermal papers

Direct Thermal Linerless products reduce waste and lower the environmental impact of the product, improving the productivity rate at the application stage.

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Globalflex is 40% lighter and 40% thinner than a standard PE of 85μ, which means a lower environmental impact and more labels per roll.

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Patented Open&Close solution

Our patented solution for wet wipes uses a mono-material approach to make recycling the packaging easier.

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Recycled solutions

Materials made of 100% recycled paper and solutions using recycled film, both in rPP and rPE, to promote the creation of increasingly sustainable projects.

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