Our continually-evolving commitment

Reduce emissions and water consumption, recycle waste produced, use energy from renewable sources, sourcing our raw materials with great care.
We want to focus on these areas to become an important industry touchstone, step by step and day by day.

Our goals for 2030

We are continually committed to reducing the environmental impact of our production processes, and we do it with these targets and by involving our ecosystem of people, materials and production chain.


Reduce our CO2 emissions by 30%

We believe that reducing our carbon dioxide emissions is not only a challenge we can win, but also a priority.

how we do it


Recycle 100% of our waste

We commit to sourcing more and more sustainable raw materials and packaging which are also reusable, and we do that from the very top of our production chain.

how we do it


Recover (almost) all of the water we use

We try to recover almost all the water we use and to reinfuse it into new destinations of use.

how we do it