Recovering the water we collect

To make paper you need cellulose and water. Lots of fresh water, most of which is returned to the environment in the condition and temperature at which it was collected. A small amount remains in the paper, giving it that natural level of humidity required for it to undergo printing and packaging processes without losing its shape.

We have already done a lot, and will continue to do so.
Every one of our sites recovers as much water as possible, to eliminate waste and put it back into our production chain, or to return it to the environment at the same temperature as when it was collected. This is our solid commitment to respecting and appreciating an element that is essential for the survival of everyone.

2020: our figures



Litres / Kg Paper

The amount of water we used in 2015 to make a kilogram of paper. In 2002 we used 52.




The reduction in chemical oxygen demand (COD) we recorded over 5 years, from 2013 to 2018. Thanks to the presence of biodegradable substances in production water, we constantly monitor our environmental impact so we can understand how to improve it.



H2O consumed by Self-Adhesives

The reduction recorded since 2020 in the consumption of fresh water upstream of the Self-Adhesives division production chain.

95%: a percentage that can make a difference

By 2030, we aim to set the benchmark in our industry when it comes to reusing water, ensuring total transparency and clearly defined standards in our production processes.
We plan to maintain our positive track record of Zero Non-Compliance Episodes with regard to using water, and simultaneously manage to return 95% of production water to the system, showing a 5% increase with respect to current values.