Initiatives & Community

Making a Difference. Together.

Our journey towards making a positive impact on the planet involves everyone. This is why we are not proceeding on our own, but instead share approaches and defined parameters with internationally renowned organisations such as ungc and gri.

Fedrigoni Fabriano Foundation (FFF): where history starts

With 500 metres of historic documents on the paper manufacturing business in Fabriano across more than 7 centuries, and approximately 10,000 tools to make it, the Fedrigoni Fabriano Foundation promotes studies into the history of paper and watermarks, and the development and dissemination of paper engineering.

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Festival del Disegno: a hand that creates is a hand outstretched

Paper and pencils, people and 6 years of uninterrupted editions focusing on the community – since it started, our Festival del Disegno has been a valuable opportunity for promoting the culture and power of graphical representation, and for acting as a catalyst to vital, worthwhile connections within the target community throughout Italy, with exceptional guests. Ever since it was created, this event has aimed to appeal to everyone, including artists and enthusiasts, professionals, not to mention anyone even just passing by chance.

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Trillion Trees: replant and regenerate

Our Self-Adhesive division supports Trillion Trees, a joint venture with BirdLife International, Wildlife Conservation Society and the WWF to support reforestation projects in Africa implemented and coordinated by Trillion Trees, with the aim of replanting and regenerating 1 trillion trees by 2050.

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Our first forest

Talking about our connection to nature is important, but it’s more important to experience it. For this reason we actively support the creation of green spaces in public areas close to our premises. This is why the first Fedrigoni forest was created in November 2020 on disused and neglected public land, which we reclaimed and made part of the PANE public park in Caponago in Northern Italy.

Sketching towards freedom

During the 2020 health emergency, we decided to send a small ray of sunshine to 80,000 Italian families through the force of creativity. Through collaborations with three major retailers in Italy and 230 sales outlets throuoight the country, we donated our 100% environmentally-friendly sketch pads in smooth or unfinished paper to a similar number of children, to help them interpret the difficulties they were experiencing through artistic expression.

Artists against Covid-19: the solidarity game

We engaged19 international artists, 75 copies of limited-edition design posters auctioned with just one aim – to raise funds for the UK’s NHS, for its Charities Together initiative.
Stay Home and Social Distancing were the two phrases upon which the artists were to base their contribution, to convey the current situation and to raise awareness of urgent requirements to protect society.

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