Ten years from now

There are many days on the road to 2030. Every day will be marked by our commitment to achieve the targets we have set ourselves, daily challenged by the ever-changing geopolitical and economic backdrop we face as a global company.

Our challenges are demanding yet our accountability and focus are our strength. We strive to excellence in our service and performance of our products. We build relationships in our ecosystem and contribute to people growth. We embrace transformation. These are the three Behaviours that since 2021 have shaped everything we do, how we relate to our transformation and how we navigate it.


absolute CO₂ emissions (Scope 1 and 2).

From 330kt to 240 ktons CO₂ (compared to the base year 2019)


industrial waste recovered.

We want to eliminate waste destined for landfills, generating opportunities for reuse and enhancement in production processes in other industries (compared to the base year 2019).


ESG qualified suppliers.

We will go from 50% to 95% of our procurement spending assessed with the additional lens of the ESG criteria (compared to the base year 2020)


clean water returned to the environment

without cases of non-compliance (compared to the base year 2020)


volumes produced with advanced ESG features.

Doubling the volumes in our Paper products portfolio


volumes produced with advanced ESG features.

Growth from 35% to 70% in our Self-Adhesives product portfolio (compared to the base year 2019)


Injury rate.

Frequency rate / TRIF (Total Recordable Injury Frequency) from 21 to 7 (compared to the base year 2020)


of women in managerial positions

from 22% to 30% (compared to the base year 2020)


people involved

in individual development-oriented performance interviews (compared to the base year 2020 = 10%)


of the degree of satisfaction of our people.

From 50 to 60 of the employee NPS, net promoter score, i.e. anonymous evaluation given by employees on the satisfaction of their work experience (compared to the base year 2020).


of our people

trained on the new Group Code of Ethics



compliance, starting from the 2020 budget, with the GRI standard in social, environmental and governance reporting



sustainability rating

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