The present in 10 years

The road to 2030 is made up of many days.
These days will be filled with our commitment to achieve our targets.



CO2 emissions

(compared with reference year 2019)
We will reduce our CO2 EMISSIONS by setting Science-Based Targets (SBT).



Recovered water

(compared with 90% in reference year 2019)
We will recover 5% more of the WATER that we use in our production processes, increasing from 90% to 95% of the total amount.



Industrial waste recovery

The target is to completely eliminate waste.



ESG qualified suppliers

(compared with reference year 2020)
We will increase our quota of ESG qualified suppliers from 50% to 95%.



Advanced ESG Solutions

We will increase the volume of ESG solutions in our product portfolio from 20% to 40%, with a focus on replacing plastic applications with paper.



Advanced ESG Solutions

We will increase the volume of advanced ESG solutions in our Self-Adhesives product portfolio from 35% to 70%.

Health & SafetyToggle


Accidents at work

(compared with reference year 2020)
We will reduce the number of ACCIDENTS at our sites by almost 70%.

Equal OpportunitiesToggle


Female managers

(compared with reference year 2020)
We will increase the percentage of WOMEN in MANAGERIAL POSITIONS in our Group from 20 to 30%.

Performance ConversationsToggle


Employees Involved

We will involve all of our employees in new discussions on performance and personal development at Fedrigoni.

Perception of workToggle


Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an anonymous employee evaluation of the quality of their work experience, and we are committed to achieving a score of 60.



Employees Trained

We will train 100% of our employees on the new principles contained in the Group's Code of Ethics.

Partnerships & Certifications

The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)

Since 22 April 2021, International Earth Day, we have been part of the UN initiative that coordinates and certifies the contribution of companies worldwide towards the 2030 targets and achieving the 17 SDGs. By participating in this initiative, we are supporting the abolition of undesirable practices such as slavery, corruption, and the depletion of the Earth’s resources, and demonstrating our commitment to promoting respect for human rights, and the mindful, careful use of natural resources along our entire value chain.

Read about our reference sdgs

Global Reporting Initative (GRI)

We adhere to the standards of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), the international organisation that helps companies wishing to fully commit to sustainability and have a positive impact on the planet.
For the first time, our 2020 Sustainability Report was completely in line with version G4 of the GRI standards.

CELAB: Arconvert, Ritrama

Thanks to CELAB-Europe, an international NGO with members in the self-adhesives industry, the vision of a totally sustainable future for our labels is getting closer and closer. Along with CELAB and its network, we are actively and consistently promoting the ecological transition of our products in the Self-Adhesives division.

Read about the celab resources and the network’s commitment


100% of the cellulose purchased by the Fedrigoni Group comes from forests that comply with FSC® Controlled Wood Certification model.


Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.


BRC PACKAGING for safe, hygienic food packaging.


Volunteer participant in the WWF Environmental Paper Company Index since 2013

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001

UNE 166002