A paradigm shift called Fedrigoni

Our business has clear targets for growth, and we always achieve them by working with our people.
By working with their skills and ability to resolve complex issues, and supporting them in developing their role, be that as an operator or a manager.
By considering the environment around them and providing work areas and IT tools that facilitate experiences, opportunities for sharing, and growth.
By listening to them and creating training initiatives specially designed for their day-to-day tasks. In 2020 we launched our first global survey to promote in-depth engagement at all levels of the Fedrigoni Group, involving a total of 6 sites.

Safety: decrease the accident rate by 67%

At Fedrigoni, safety concerns everyone. As a result, we closely monitor and reduce the number of accidents in the workplace every year in all of the Group’s companies. Our target for 2030 is very ambitious.

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Diversity and Equal Opportunities: 30% of managerial positions filled by women

We believe diversity represents wealth in terms of viewpoint, gender, age, ethnicity, education and personality. It is this wealth that makes the difference, even on the market, by enhancing our competitiveness.
The target we have set ourselves for 2030 is of the utmost importance. We know that we still have much to do, which is why we decided to accelerate the journey by increasing the number of women in managerial positions by 10 percentage points (currently 20%). We want to grow, by challenging ourselves and engaging with others.

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Learning and personal development

We want to view our work as an opportunity to learn new things and experiment. To become the best version of ourselves.
It’s not just a question of performance and efficiency, it’s also about nurturing talent. At Fedrigoni, these components are inseparable from our existence in the company.
To achieve this, we have set up numerous initiatives to meet the needs and aspirations of each individual person. At Fedrigoni, the future is a shared horizon.

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Our commitment to the community

We foster the establishment and growth of places and initiatives that make our desires solid and tangible for both the people who are a direct part of the Fedrigoni ecosystem and for the community around us.
Like our Festival del Disegno, the festival of drawing that brings together artistic and social energies being held for the seventh year.
The Fondazione Fedrigoni Fabriano, where we preserve and pass on the know-how and traditions we hold dear.
And the Fedrigoni Forest, our very first forest, planted to further cement our commitment to a sustainable environment.

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