Making a difference, together

We believe that the secret ingredient to a company’s success is simple and natural – it’s the diversity of people.
As a result, our commitment is simple but revolutionary – deliver the philosophy of equal opportunities and a meritocracy that has always underpinned the Fedrigoni Group at a senior level, setting the bar for our sector. This means, first and foremost, gaining awareness with considerable self-criticism, to work out our starting point and define a path marked by courageous, enduring impact.

Inclusion: our priority

We have a priority – to pursue gender equality within our Group.
This is why, from the earliest stages of the personnel selection phase, we aim for groups with varied talent, but in equal numbers in terms of gender, eliminating potential discrimination or unconscious bias relating to gender, ethnicity, race, religion or political persuasion during the recruitment process. Respect is the watchword at Fedrigoni, and this respect is the starting point for all of our people when interacting at every level.

Gender equality: 30% of managerial positions filled by women

Our figures are ambitious: in 10 years we want to achieve 30% – with an increase of 10 points with respect to current figures – of managerial positions filled by women within our Group. To achieve this target by 2030 we have detailed a set of targeted strategies and initiatives.

A new company policy
The first step towards positive change – basing our approach on universal principles of non-discrimination, equality and dignity, and setting it out in a new company policy (Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, Awareness Policy) to provide a reference for everyone at Fedrigoni, in addition to external suppliers and collaborators.

InspirinGirls: female talent
We want to help women and girls discover their talent, so we set up a partnership with the international InspirinGirls project, which puts young women and girls in contact with successful career women. This is a valuable link between education and work, which we intend to expand with internal programmes across our Group.