Safety every day

It’s true. Without raw materials we couldn’t produce paper. But without our people, the Fedrigoni Group wouldn’t exist.

Our culture is simple – we work not only with people but also for people, to provide a place where everyone is happy to be at work. Fit for the environment and fit for humans: at Fedrigoni this means sustainability. In fact, the first target we set out in our 2030 agenda was the safety and wellbeing of the people who help us to make our paper possible.
Here is the path we have set out.

The recipe for mitigating risk

Assessing and contemplating risk in advance, to create a workplace that is not only safe, but is as safe as possible – this is our goal every day.
All our premises in Italy already hold ISO 45001 certification, but we plan to aim even higher in 2021, by extending certification to all of the Group’s premises.

Our collective safety policy is simple – we have implemented a Near-Miss procedure whereby every employee can report narrowly avoided accidents in the workplace.
And there’s more. Thanks to our direct Safety Reporting system for collaborators, we make it possible for everyone to suggest improvements in safety procedures and protocols.

2020: Our figures



The percentage decrease in the number of accidents recorded on Group premises in the 3-year period between 2017 and 2020.



The hours of Health & Safety training delivered in 2020, with a total of 6 hours dedicated individually to each of our employees.



In three years, we have reduced the frequency and seriousness of incidents in the workplace at Fedrigoni by 33%.

We want fewer accidents - 67% fewer

To reduce the number of accidents on the Fedrigoni Group’s premises by 67 percentage points – this is the ambitious target we’ve set for 2030.
This journey started some time ago due to the respect Fedrigoni holds for its employees, and the company is always taking clear and courageous steps in this direction.

To achieve this target we want to lay the foundations for a cultural shift when it comes to safety, through a set of targeted initiatives and training plans.

Digital signage and communication campaigns
9 monitors, 11 sites, 1373 people involved in the Paper & Security division, 4 sites, 9 monitors, 794 people involved in the Self-Adhesives division and a 24/7 multimedia programme dedicated to safety training and information to raise awareness in a detailed but informal manner on personal and collective risks linked to negligence and improper conduct.

Technical assessment, governance and improving individual sites
We will increase our commitment to facilitate the quick identification of potential risk factors, by carrying out cross-inspections on plants and machinery, and by continuing to upgrade and improve our production sites.