Brand Protection

The authenticity, security and integrity of brands, logos, products and packaging are the be-all and end-all of every business and represent a strategic asset from an economic and value viewpoint.
The Brand Protection and Security solutions of the Fedrigoni Group offer designers, printers, and brand owners an expansive range of papers and selfadhesive materials with high technological content and security elements that can be used singularly or together for greater protection. All the solutions are customizable, always guaranteeing high aesthetic quality and excellent levels of performance.

The wide range of Brand Protection and Security products and services and the variety of anti-counterfeiting and anti-tampering materials and functions make it possible to respond in a specific way to every request, assigning first defense to security papers and effective self-adhesive materials.

Paper integrated solutions

Fedrigoni produces and sells special papers for packaging and graphics. Starting from paper it adapts and manages, without the contribution of external suppliers, customized and highly performing brand protection projects. The anti-counterfeiting elements that can be inserted, during the production process, directly into the fibrous pulp or applied to the surface, are disparate and combinable.


This technique, invented in the 13th century, permits the production during the paper formation phase, when the fibrous pulp is still almost totally composed of water, of extremely detailed, monotone watermarks with a wide range of light and dark shades. The beauty of the result and
the likeness to the image to be reproduced are down to the absolute precision in the preparation of the punches that create reliefs and depressions on the paper layer and the variations in opacity visible against the light. Attempts at counterfeiting are, as a result, easily recognizable, also
on the part of an observer who is not an expert.

Fibers and planchettes

Anti-counterfeiting elements that can be added to the pulp, or applied superficially to the paper support, randomly or according to a precise process, also in combination, include fibers, corianders (or planchettes) and a number of special pigments. These natural or synthetic security elements can be of varying dimensions, of a colour visible in natural light or made visible by means of suitable UV illumination. One very sophisticated anti-counterfeiting tool are special pigments, obtained according to the Up Conversion principle, visible in the presence of IR laser beams.

Sensitizing treatment

In the event of a counterfeiting attempt, sensitized Security paper has the characteristic of developing immediately detectable and recognizable colored marks and spots. The areas affected by tampering and alteration, such as the cancellation of the signature on a cheque are, in fact, colored in a different way compared to the background color of the paper.

Silkscreen band

The screen printing of paper is one the latest processes applied to the paper. It’s referred as direct since the ink passes directly from the matrix/frame to the paper. Its particular characteristic is that of adapting to any type of support, permitting, therefore, the use of a wide range of anti-counterfeit inks: visible, invisible, pearlescent, photochromic, thermochromic, etc.

Reactive varnish

The use of coatings not visible to the naked eye, but only with UV or IR equipment, is a covert security system, that is, identifiable only with special devices, such as an ultraviolet Blacklight or specific selected frequency readers. Their identification is only possible if the presence of the treatment is known.

Black inner layer

Products such as playing cards and lottery tickets require 100% opacity to prevent variable data from being visible from one side to the other. Inserting a black layer inside a multilayer cardboard makes it possible to obtain this level of security without affecting printability and the surface appearance.

Bespoke color and/or embossing

A white printed paper has the typical white edge and is easily reproducible, in contrast with a pulp-colored paper, the authenticity of which is evidently verifiable. Coloring the pulp, therefore, results in an effective level of anti-counterfeiting for packaging. The color in the pulp – a characteristic obtained only in the paper mill – is, moreover, a strong vehicle for brand identity, especially if customized.
Customized embossing adds a further level of complexity, increasing the difficulty of reproducing the paper, besides contributing to improving the perception of the brand. Embossing also offers aesthetic benefits, both visual and tactile, and has a natural function, that of resistance to scratches and better handling of the packaging, etc.

Self-adhesive solutions

The Fedrigoni Group brings into play extensive sectorial experience with regards to Self-adhesives and Brand Protection. Thanks to a cutting-edge Research & Development department, the Group’s know-how is combined with flexibility and vast possibilities for customization.


Void products show clear signs of tampering when removed from the item or product they have been applied to. Void labels leave a design or text on the substrate and are impossible to reposition once removed. Available in different colors, the design of our void materials can be personalized according to client requirements.
A new range of products, specifically designed to tear the cardboard where the seal is applied in the event of attempted removal, leaving evidence of tampering. These materials can be applied to pharmaceutical products, in full comp


These products have “ultra-destructible” properties, making them very difficult to remove. Once the label is applied, it breaks in the event of attempted removal, leaving evidence of tampering. Available in white and clear versions.


Tamper-evident labels printed on delamination materials are a powerful deterrent to theft and relabeling as they delaminate when removed. Security elements can be added on demand.


Holograms are powerful allies in security labeling and can be personalized. A tailored hologram design featuring micro and nano-text, laser-activated information and other hidden details can be also registered with the Industrial Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) database for security and copyright protection.

Security paper

Papers free of optical brightening agents, with and without fibers (visible or UV luminescent).
It is possible to integrate customized fibers, watermarks and threads into the label material. A suitable solution for all security labels that require security papers for authentication.

Post stamps and visa

To serve the security needs of governmental bodies and the postal industry. A wide range of materials for postage stamps, tax, fiscal and security stamps, visas and security labels.

Application sectors

As the Fedrigoni Group, we believe that excellence is not only achieved through luxurious features, but also with a product characterized by excellence and most importantly, with authenticity and great attention to detail. Driven by the goal of constant growth, our priority is to continuously increase and guarantee the best quality possible for our products, starting with their security.

and luxury clothing

Imagination, expertise and experience guide the actions of the stylists and tailors of fashion houses. Each garment incorporates elements of research, beauty and craftsmanship that have nothing to do with mere imitation.

and watches

A jewel with an iconic style, a watch that perfect­ly combines technology and aesthetics, the refined setting of a diamond, all require a high level of sensi­tivity, an appreciation of beauty and expert knowle­dge of the craft. Authenticity and uniqueness are an integral part of their value, that needs to be certified to the purchaser.

Fine food

What makes the difference in the kitchens of ma­ster chefs are the expression of the local territory, cer­tified raw materials, and ingredients that are the result of a tried and tested production tradition. Protecting their originality and integrity is the first step of any sen­sorial culinary experience.

and spirits

From the care of the vineyards to the grape harvesting and processing, every phase is monitored thanks to a tracing sy­stem. The tasting of quality wines and spi­rits is not only narration transformed into ceremony, it’s a question of transparency along the supply chain.


The marketing of a drug is the last stage of a long chain that requires years of experimentation, and can occur only after registration with authorized agencies. A product that bares false indications regarding its ori­gin or identity is a real danger to public health, besides a clear damage to pharmaceutical companies.

and fragrances

A high-end cosmetic offers dreams, emotions and wel­lbeing, but only the experience and know-how of brands can guarantee quality ingredients and a certified pro­duction chain. The label and the packaging of perfumes, make-up, creams and soaps have the value of an identity card: specific security solutions protect the recognizability and authenticity of the products.

High-tech components
and electronic devices

Conceiving, designing, creating: the qua­lity of a product is an element incorporated in all phases. The possibility of recognizing the quality of an original product must be clear, immediate and intuitive in the eyes and mind of the customer.


It must be possible to trace paintings, sculptures, pho­tographs, prestigious publishing products and collec­tors’ items to their author, since in the artistic field the au­thenticity of a work is fundamental for determining its value. Besides the opinion of experts, the establishment of authenticity is also achieved with solutions that certi­fy compliance with required characteristics and forms.

Museum and

Participation in exhibitions, concerts, sporting events and performances is a source of socio-cultural enrichment as well as the opportunity of sharing an experience. Entry tickets and tickets with extended validity, online tickets, and privileged and priority passes constitute the right to secure and guaran­teed access, the only way to enhance the public’s experience and reward promoters and organisers.

and postal

In everyday relations between citizens of the world, docu­ments and security printed products such as diplomas, pas­sports, postage stamps, revenue stamps and voting cards require inviolable security features. Today special papers are still assigned the delicate role of attestation and certification of rights and status.

Box set Brand Protection

As the Fedrigoni Group, we believe that excellence is not only achieved through luxurious features, but also with a product characterized by excellence and most importantly, with authenticity and great attention to detail. Driven by the goal of constant growth, our priority is to continuously increase and guarantee the best quality possible for our products, starting with their security.
To present our constant attention towards Brand protection and Security themes, we have put together a box set containing a presentation booklet and a selection of applied anti-counterfeiting solutions, all summarized in a relative index.

A story of unique production

From our paper to all self-adhesive solutions, we can exclusively take care of your brand protection project without using any external suppliers.

By managing everything directly ourselves we can insert anti-counterfeiting elements like watermarks, security threads, fibres, tiny dots, pigments and sensitisers directly into the paper during the production process, or apply further security features such as holographic foil and silk-screen stripes to the surface.

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Banknote cards

From a technological point of view, banknotes are the most complex and prestigious security paper. They are made with pure cotton fibre paper to give special consistency and greater wear resistance compared to ordinary paper.

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Security Papers

Papers for passports, cheques, visas, revenue stamps, postal stamps, tickets for events and concerts, lotteries and elections.

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Security features

Security threads, holograms and holographic patches, reading systems to prevent counterfeiting of documents and securities.

A story spanning seven centuries

Since the invention of the first brand protection “tool”, the watermark, we have always worked to help our clients mark their most important and valuable documents. And we still do today.

The experience of security and brand protection

Fabriano Security produces papers and security solutions for banknotes and security papers, with security features ranging from standard to completely customisable.

Ongoing research into new anti-counterfeiting systems has allowed us to produce some of the most innovative and popular patents for security papers available today.

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