The experience of security and brand protection

Fabriano Security produces papers and security solutions for banknotes and security papers, with security features ranging from standard to completely customisable.

Ongoing research into new anti-counterfeiting systems has allowed us to produce some of the most innovative and popular patents for security papers available today.

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A story spanning seven centuries

Since the invention of the first brand protection “tool”, the watermark, we have always worked to help our clients mark their most important and valuable documents. And we still do today.

A story of unique production

From our paper to all self-adhesive solutions, we can exclusively take care of your brand protection project without using any external suppliers.

By managing everything directly ourselves we can insert anti-counterfeiting elements like watermarks, security threads, fibres, tiny dots, pigments and sensitisers directly into the paper during the production process, or apply further security features such as holographic foil and silk-screen stripes to the surface.

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Banknote cards

From a technological point of view, banknotes are the most complex and prestigious security paper. They are made with pure cotton fibre paper to give special consistency and greater wear resistance compared to ordinary paper.

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Security Papers

Papers for passports, cheques, visas, revenue stamps, postal stamps, tickets for events and concerts, lotteries and elections.

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Security features

Security threads, holograms and holographic patches, reading systems to prevent counterfeiting of documents and securities.

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