So many colors, and much, much more.

We offer a large range of colors, as well as the possibility to provide custom color matching. Strong adhesion and durability combined with our self-adhesive materials guarantee that the signage for your company logo will not go unnoticed and will last a long time.


Discover our RI‑Mark range

Our colorful range of self-adhesive materials dedicated to plotter cutting. Monomeric, polymeric and cast films are available in a wide range of colors and finishes to meet short, medium or long-term application needs.

Outdoor and Indoor

Whether you need an outdoor or indoor solution, our RI-Mark L100, M300 and O400 are the ones for you: a wide selection of colored matt & gloss monomeric films, and gloss polymeric vinyl films for short, medium or long-term use.

Typical applications are flat surfaces such as shop windows, walls or paneling, for purely decorative, promotional or information purposes.


Glass surfaces and windows

A line of products designed to give glass surfaces and windows an elegant frosted finish, reproducing the etched glass effect and bringing light to indoor spaces, while maintaining privacy. We also have materials that allow clear visibility and transparency through the glass and the image. Other solutions include one-way vision films that allow whoever is inside to see through the glass, while from outside it’s only possible to see the advertising on the window.

Achieving a high visual appeal is easy with our decorative films with excellent surface gloss and a shiny, sparkling metallic finish, ideal for decorating shop windows or panels.


Illuminated signs

Translucent colored vinyls for luminous signs of all shapes and sizes. Our translucent colored vinyl films allow for uniform light diffusion on backlit signs.


Transport and vehicles

RI-Mark Premium is the optimal range for vehicle branding.

Vehicles can also be decorated for promotional purposes. The high conformability of our materials allows application to any type of vehicle (cars, trains, trams, buses) with easy removal, leaving no adhesive residues, and without damaging the original paintwork.

Our wide range of colored vinyls will satisfy all sign-makers’ needs.



Find out more about our special products for exterior safety signage, promotional and high visibility applications. In this range you can find luminescent safety film, “blackboard effect” vinyl (for writing on with chalk), stencil films, chrome finish vinyls and flexible vinyls for banner making.


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